Send a fax to Vanguard HQ

Vanguard is one of the world’s biggest investors in oil and gas. That includes being one of the biggest investors in companies driving environmental destruction and Indigenous rights violations in the Amazon rainforest.And right now, we have a unique window to demand action from Vanguard in solidarity with frontline communities.

We’ve created two versions of the message being sent to Vanguard: One for Vanguard customers and one for anyone who doesn’t qualify as a Vanguard customer. This will allow our messages to be more targeted and relevant (FYI: we do not and will never ask for proof of anyone’s customer status or any personal info about your account; the two versions are simply to maximize message accuracy when contacting Vanguard.)

Use this one-click form to send a fax to Vanguard and tell leadership that they must meet with these Indigenous leaders and honor their demands.

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